Our Team


We were founded as the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the UK, and the digital divide clearly needed more rapid and locally focused response.

Our backgrounds are varied, from international aid to cyber-security. But we all have one thing in common: technology has propelled us through life, and is an essential aspect of modern living and individual successes.


So, as a clear lack of connectivity was identified - from children with no other option but to do homework on smartphones, to older adults unable to reach out to family, we decided to take action.


That's how we formed Ready Tech Go, a community-driven, not-for-profit organisation that strongly believes access to technology should be classified as a right rather than a privilege.

One year on we are going strong, whilst continuously reviewing and improving the way we work so we can better serve those in-need.


Today, we remain a BAME-led group that is largely volunteer led and who remains passionate about our impact way after any pandemic:


  • Savraj Kaur Chair

  • Nikos Souslous Secretary

  • Kanwar Singh Operations Lead

  • Jymit Khondhu Cyber Lead

  • Kullie Randhawa Treasurer
  • Carlos F E Melo Operations Assistant
  • Tomas Evans Co-founder

We are equally proud to have a growing volunteer Advisory Committee that meets when expertise is called on:

  • Sam Yearsley Tech Consultant

Are you keen to be an advisor, and have a skill in any of: commercialisation, investment, data analysis, fundraising, legal or finance? Simply send an expression of interest addressed to the Chair via the contact form below.